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 Submitting a TreeAlert report – what information you will need to provide.

In order to submit a useful report of a tree health problem through TreeAlert you will be taken through a series of screens where you will be asked a number of questions about your observation. The more information you can provide, the more useful your report will be.

This page helps you to prepare to submit a report by giving an overview of the reporting process and a checklist of essential information that you will need to provide.

Information about you - we need your contact details in case we require additional information. You will need to provide:

  •  Your name (first name and surname)
  •  A valid email address

You also have the option to create an account. You do not have to create an account to submit a report. However it is very quick and means when you submit future reports the site will remember your contact details and level of experience.

Information about your observation - there are a number of screens dedicated to recording essential information about the tree health problem you are reporting. You will be asked to provide the following:

  •   The date of your observation.
  •  The type of location in which your observation was made (a drop-down list is provided).
  •  The location of the problem you are reporting, including country, and either a grid reference (a 10 figure GR is preferable, but we will accept a 6 or 8 figure GR) or a point on a map. If you are using the map tool, make sure you zoom in to the required level to place a point accurately – our ability to locate the affected tree(s) accurately is very important.
  •  The number of trees affected, their approximate size (measured as trunk / stem diameter – a guide is available on the relevant page.
  •  The type of tree affected (conifer or broadleaf), its common name and species (drop-down lists are provided)
  •  Information about the problem you have observed, including location on the affected tree (crown, stem or base) and the nature of the symptom(s) (drop-down lists are provided). NB you can report more than one symptom on any affected tree(s).
  •  Photographs of your observation. Ideally we would like three good quality photographs showing (1) the affected tree(s) in context, (2) the problem / symptom in context, and (3) the detail of the symptom. A guide to taking good quality photographs is available on the photo upload page. The maximum file size for each photograph is 8Mb.

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